Top Dog Daycare

Royal Enfield Motorcycle, photographed by Renjith Sasidharan

About Us!

Top Dog Daycare is dedicated to making dogs happy by providing them with activities and exercise during the day when their owners are away. We always provide a safe and caring environment where your dog can thrive and we understand that each dog has its own individual personality, preferences, and needs. We treat each dog like our own making the daycare or boarding experience a positive one.

Your dog will be stimulated, pampered, and cared for by qualified professionals.

  • Dogs are supervised at all times
  • Watch your dog play on our web cam when you're away
  • Daily schedule for dogs including supervised play and nap times

Why Us?

We offer amenities and services not available elsewhere in the Columbus area. Compare Top Dog Daycare to the competition. Our customers enjoy the convenience of 24x7 scheduling.

We understand dog behavior and are trained to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically in a safe environment. Daycare is not only a place for your dog to play but also a place for her to become a responsible member of society. Each day is structured with scheduled one-on-one time, nap time, and playtime with your dog's assigned playgroup. We take the time to get to know your dog and match other dogs that have the same energy and temperament. No dog is ever left unattended.

"A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered." ~Lacie Petitto. Here at Top Dog Daycare we grow very fond and close to each pet that makes its way through here. To those special loved ones who have passed, we chose to hold a special place on our site. To view, click here.


  • Most breeds need from 30 minutes to 3 hours of exercise a day for good health. Our 3,000 square feet of inside play space provides plenty of room for your dog to run, jump, chase, fetch, and roll.

    Social Skills

  • Your dog will learn how to interact both with other dogs and people making it easier for you to take your dog with you when you go out in public.


  • In addition to plenty of exercise, rest and nutrition are also important to a dog's health and happiness. At Top Dog Daycare our structured daily activities include nap time, healthy snacks, and plenty of fresh water.


  • You can have peace of mind that your dog is safe when you are away. Top Dog Daycare‚Äôs thorough application process promotes a safe dog community. We do not use force to discipline our canine clients.

Top Dog vs Others

Daycare Services Top Dog Daycare Others
Employees certified in pet first aid and CPR
Outdoor potty area
Regular scheduled activities
Time-out area for dogs who want quiet time
Play time to meet each dog's special needs
Web video cameras for your peace of mind and your dog's safety
Climate controlled Play Area - cooled in summer and heated in winter
Open until 8:00 P.M. for your convenience
Fenced area for dogs to potty off lead. Our area is 80 feet long and has a 6 foot high fence.
Boarding Services Top Dog Daycare Others
Web video cameras for your peace of mind and your dog's safety
No extra charges on outdoor potty breaks, one-on-one time, biscuits, and daycare